Henslow is an independent advisory firm that supports and partners with 
growing companies, entrepreneurs, managers and investors by bringing
together people, strategy and capital. Using our unique blend of skills and
experience across capital markets, corporate strategies and business 
performance, we help our clients achieve their goals.


As these goals are realised, the expectations and requirements of the business and its owners evolve. We call this the “BUSINESS EVOLUTIONARY LIFECYCLE” and Henslow works with its clients through this entire evolution.


Henslow was formed in 2015 from the merger of two boutique firms - Halcyon Corporate and Henslow Partners.  Henslow’s professional team has deep experience across capital markets, corporate advisory and business performance, covering public and private companies. This experience means that Henslow is uniquely placed to provide independent advice to growth companies through all stages of the Business Evolutionary Lifecycle.


Whilst we like to keep things simple, we appreciate that business rarely is. As such, our clients look to a corporate partner for support throughout their businesses evolution. Our name comes from John Henslow, the supporter and mentor to Charles Darwin, best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory. As all businesses require support at certain times across the Business Evolutionary Lifecycle, at Henslow our role is to partner with our clients and provide that support, thereby allowing our clients to break new ground.
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